Percentage Change Calculator

\[ \dfrac{(V_2-V_1)}{|V_1|} \times 100 \]
Percentage Change between V1 and V2


Input: There is a 42.86% decrease from 35000 to 20000.

To calculate the percentage change, we need to find the difference between the two values and divide it by the original value. In this case, the difference is 15000 (35000 - 20000) and the original value is 35000. So, the percentage change can be calculated as follows:

Percentage change = (difference / original value) x 100

Percentage change = (15000 / 35000) x 100

Percentage change = 0.4286 x 100

Percentage change = 42.86%

Therefore, there is a 42.86% decrease from 35000 to 20000. This means that the value has decreased by almost half of its original value. To reverse this change and get back to the original value, we would need to increase the value by 66.67% (which is the reciprocal of 0.4286).