Percentage Change Calculator

\[ \dfrac{(V_2-V_1)}{|V_1|} \times 100 \]
Percentage Change between V1 and V2


Input: There is a percentage decrease of 68% from 25000 to 8000. To calculate this percentage change, we can use the following formula:

Percentage change = (New value - Old value) / Old value x 100%

Substituting the given values, we get:

Percentage change = (8000 - 25000) / 25000 x 100%

Percentage change = -17000 / 25000 x 100%

Percentage change = -68%

Therefore, the percentage change from 25000 to 8000 is a decrease of 68%.

To understand this percentage change in practical terms, we can say that if someone had 25000 dollars and they lost 68% of it, they would be left with only 8000 dollars. This could happen due to various reasons such as a financial crisis, a bad investment, or a sudden loss of income. It is important to keep track of such percentage changes to make informed decisions about our finances and investments.