Convert Your PDFs Anywhere and From Any Device


PDFs (portable document format) are a universally accepted format for exchanging business and personal documents. 


While PDFs work with just about any operating system you can think of, yes, this includes PC, Mac, and even Linux, there can be potential downsides to the popular format, and a big one is the inability to edit a PDF. You either need to retype all of the data or use a PDF conversion tool that lets you convert anywhere, anytime, from almost all devices.


Still not sure if you really need a PDF conversion tool? Here’s a look at a few reasons why PDFs aren’t always the best format for all of your business and personal documents.



Go Green by Going Paperless


How green is your business? Are you looking for easy and cost-effective ways to cut down on waste and promote sustainability? While there’s nothing wrong with going big on your company’s eco-friendly initiatives, it’s even encouraged, small steps can also add up and make a huge difference.


Did you know using a PDF converter can help your company cut back on paper waste? The online tool can even make your company’s filing system something that anyone can figure out.


A PDF converter makes it easy to manage your files. Yes, this may even mean you can finally get rid of your old, bulky, metal filing cabinets. The converted documents can also be stored in the same folder as the original PDF, along with any edits you may make in the future.



Compatible with Almost Any Device


Do you have remote employees? Maybe you typically have teams in the field. What happens when your staff needs to make changes to a document or collaborate on a project? Does everyone need to drop what they’re doing and show up in the office? This is definitely not a way to promote employee productivity or reduce your operating costs.


A PDF converter is compatible with pretty much every operating system you can think of. This also means that if one employee is working on a PC and another has a Mac, both can collaborate on the converted document regardless of where they are. As long as they have an internet connection, they can seamlessly work on your project.



PDFs are the Accepted Standard


There’s nothing wrong with charting a unique path when it comes to some business aspects. In fact, consumers often appreciate a business that’s doing things a little differently than everyone else. While it’s good to use a different approach for some things when it comes to sharing and editing data, it’s usually best to stick with the universally accepted format. This means using PDFs.


Since PDFs are the accepted format around the world, you rarely need to worry about someone not being able to open the document. This also helps ensure that when it’s time to edit, everyone can easily convert the PDF to Word, PNG, JPG, and more. 


Your business probably requires a lot of online tools to keep everything running smoothly, and one tool you don’t want to forget is one that converts PDFs to editable formats.