About Us

The PercentageCalculator is an online tool that can solve a wide range of percentage-related problems quickly and easily. It is built to provide an easy-to-use calculation tool for everyday use, simplifying your decision-making process.


PercentageCalculator was founded in 2023, it all started as a desire to simplify percentage calculations from all walks of life. Since it was launched, our online tool has grown its popularity and has become a trusted resource for millions of people worldwide. Even though we have users from every corner of the globe, we are still constantly working to improve our custom-built calculator to meet the needs of our diverse audience.

Our Mission

At PercentageCalculator, we are passionate about making complex percentage-related calculations simple and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a student, a business owner, or just someone looking to solve a math problem, our mission is for individuals to make calculations fun, fast, and easy, so they can focus on what really matters - making informed decisions. That’s why we are committed to eliminating any obstacles that may prevent you from getting accurate results quickly in any situation. With PercentageCalculator, you can be confident that you will receive the right calculations in just a few clicks.

Our Team

The team behind PercentageCalculator is composed of highly skilled specialists and experts in various fields. With a shared vision of providing a user-friendly and accessible calculator for everyone, this exceptional range of professionals was able to develop a custom-built tool capable of solving even the most complex mathematical problems, available at any time and from anywhere. Our team’s diverse background and expertise make PercentageCalculator a reliable, trusted, and convenient calculator for a wide range of needs.